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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Saturday, November 2

Damp squib

Went to see the local bonfire celebrations.

Lashing horizontal rain in the furious wind.  Put the dead umbrella in a bin on the way.

Met loads of people coming the other way.  "the bonfire is canceled.  The rides are closed.  Its knee deep in mud.  All the children are freezing and crying.  And they won't give us our money back, we have to go on the website .... But the fireworks will still be on"

Well the fireworks were the reason we were going.  But we had our doubts, given the wind.

Dubiously we paid, and then behold, the fireworks did actually start.

Embers were falling over the sparse audience so we made sure not to stand directly downwind.

We stood with our backs to the rain and squinted at the display out of the sides of our hoods.

It was ok I suppose.

Meanwhile a display of fire eaters was going on to the right, and they also sent the cried scattering when there sparks got out of hand.

Of don't know why it wasn't canceled completely, but at least we all felt stoically miserable in a truly british way.

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