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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Friday, February 14

Heart stopping

While with my wife for her orthopaedics appointment and waiting fire her xray, there was a commotion in the corridor just round the corner.  various thumpy noises and a man shouting 'Nurse' and 'Fight it, Dad'.  hospital staff started appearing from all directions.  I poked a head round the corner - there was a man about 60 lying on the floor, already with the crash trolley there and 3 or 4 people massaging his upper arms.  It carried on, with more people arriving.  About 10 people now.  "Theres no pulse".  'Fight it, Dad' Mrs and I started praying.  About 20 people next time I nosed.  'Fight it, Dad'  More prayer.  About 30 people now.  Then a cough.  A change of mood - the tension gone.  More coughs.  Next time I looked there were 30 spectators, rather than 30 helpers, each with that slight smile that comes from a good outcome in an awkward situation.

Basically, a man nearly died very close to me, but thanks to people who came running, he was saved and will live on.  And another man will have his Dad for a few more years.

It wasn't the moment for me as an unconnected onlooker with little knowledge of what was going on to decide that it had been successful and start a round of applause.  But may I do so now in this forum?  Join me in a standing ovation with full whistling, to those who step in to save a life.



(This episode was an example of something that I often find, that I get emotional when people come together with a common purpose.  It somehow reflects the glory of God.  And this case was of course even more emotional, with it being near-death and with the son being present.)

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