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Thursday, February 27

Making room for prayer

A prayer room has mysteriously appeared at my workplace.

To find it you have to go to the forgotten end of the unused corridor in the building's nethers.  We only found it by accident in a notice on a rarely used part of the corporate intranet.

The room is small, about 2m by 2m.  It is painted pure white, with no decorations or furniture.  It's only contents are some muslim prayer mats folded neatly in the corner.

So, its existence must have ben arranged by the muslims.  This means that they have a right to some sense of ownership of it.  But of course the company cannot declare it to be a muslim prayer room, they have to be impartial.  Which means that we as a long-standing prayer group that welcomes all comers have a right to use it.  (yes we welcome all comers but the prayers we offer are Christian prayers in the name of Jesus)

So how do we go about using the room in a way that is appropriately assertive without it being unnecessarily antagonistic?

Colleagues have suggested placing Bibles, hassocks, pictures, or even a fountain in there.  A more sensible suggestion is a couple of folding chairs.

But perhaps all we should do is go in there and pray, when it is not in use by others.

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