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Friday, February 21

Pastoral guidance on gay marriage

Please follow the link below to the Church of England's pastoral guidance on the issue of gay marriage.

I find some causes for encouragement. 
LGBT people will be welcomed into the life of the church.
There is an acceptance that consciencous dissent is sometimes necessary.
And there will be an ongoing dialogue.

However, on the whole, while it speaks soft words, it remains a fairly harsh document.

The promise to welcome these people into the life of the church is a hollow promise, since they will be excluded from celebrating their marriage in the church or from being ordained as ministers in it.  They will be second-class citizens.

And while consciencous dissent is acknowledged, it won't be tolerated in the case of gay weddings.  So that's a 'NO', then.

So that places ask of the burden of optimism on the dialogue.  I hope it can take the strain!

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