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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Friday, February 7

Spending the inheritance

We have foolishly agreed to the purchase of a two bed apartment in a scenic area, with a sea view (through the trees).

We intend to use this as a holiday home for ourselves, and may also let it out as a holiday flat in sure course to help subsidise its running costs.

Perhaps more importantly than either of those is that we also intend to use out to provide free holidays for low income families recommended to us by their churches.

Mrs is fully convinced that this is the Lord's will, that he has guided us to this property, closed the door on others, etc.  And I don't disagree with her.  But I am perhaps a little more earthly-minded than she is, fretting about the £10k shortfall in our funds.  Mrs is convinced that if it is the Lord's will, the money will appear when we need it.  My own experience of 'living by faith' as the son of missionaries is that often things do not work out as neatly as we would expect them to.  Sometimes we are expected to rough it.  The Apostle Paul was in the Lord's will, yet he was frequently beaten up and frequently hungry.

So I have grave concerns over how it is going to work out.

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