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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, March 13

Grit evangelism

Just had a presentation at work from a company trying to sell us their solution for removing grit from sewage.

It was an American company, and they sent us their vice president.  He had a typically American name, a strong American accent, American mannerisms and vocabulary, and he kept lapsing into American measurement units.

The culture difference was remarkably strong.  I almost felt that I had accidentally flicked the TV onto an American televangelist.  When I do this I normally surf on through all the other American and Nigerian televangelists until I get to one with a British accent, or maybe Australian.  Because culture is critical to communication.  I have no bond with a toothy false-smiling sharp-suited American or with a shouty Nigerian.  I feel I can only hear from someone like me.

This is of course why Jesus came to be a man in the first place, and why we translate the Scriptures into local languages.  And this is why although we can and should send missionaries to foreign lands, it is far better for them to great the gospel from their own people.

So back to grit: the technical argument was able to transcend the cultural things, and we probably will move towards their system though it is likely to be five years before any change is visible.

I trust that hearers of the gospel will respond more promptly.

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