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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, March 24

Lent (ish)

I have not consciously given anything up for lent.  I have too many big things going on in life to focus on something like that.

But coincidentally, it happens that I am currently trying to break a nail-biting habit (again).  So can I claim that as being for lent, even if it wasn't planned that way? 

My current system is to measure my nails every day, and record the data with microsoft excel.  I then plot charts of individual nail length, the total length, average growth rates, best and worst nails, bites, etc.  this gives me the motivation to not bite, not wanting a downward kink in the graph.

It is going really well, with an average increase of 3.5 mm since I started and an average net growth rate if about 0.42 mm. per week.

Of course this can't go on forever.  There will have to come a time when I start cutting them and maintain them at a relatively constant length.  Then the charts will get boring and meaningless, I will louse motivation, and bite again.

But lent will be over by then, so that makes it OK ..... ?

(Doing something similar with other more personal habits, also with some success, but that is too private to tell you about)

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