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Wednesday, July 9

Some vessels for ignoble use

The on-going slow motion train crash that is my wife's life continues, with further impacts smashing into her from a different source this time. Can't give details. But it does mean that some of the glimmers of hope we had for the future have been extinguished.

So there is this verse that I remember as being about a potter making some vessels for noble use and some for ignoble use. I can't remember what version that is in - probably the SaintSimon's Vague Memories version. According to Bible Gateway there is the following, which I think is the one.

Romans 9:21New International Version 21 Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?(A)

This basically means that the potter makes the fancy vase for displaying the Queen's flowers at Buckingham Palace, but he also makes the urinals, WCs, and chamber pots in the prisoners in the dungeon pee and poop into. It is necessary for the ignobles to acknowledge that though their tasks lack glamour, they are actually more important. So what if the Queen has no vase! But there will be trouble if latrine facilities are not available. Mrs and I feel most definitely pooped on at the moment, with injustice after injustice poured on us and our whole life devastated. I survive to some degree with an almost Islamic fatalism - it is the will of Allah - only slightly tempered by the Christian assurance of God's love and benevolence through it all, and I am reasonably good at taking the rough with the smooth. But I suspect that if I quote that verse at Mrs she will give me a black eye.

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