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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Wednesday, September 3

First commute from my new town

It went really well. Left the house at 8:15, or probably 8:20 by the time we were in the car. Dropped my son a suitible short wlak from his first day at his new high school. The proceded, perhaps not the shortest route owing to the school drop, and arrived without any delays of any consequence at work at the normal time.

The views along the route were outstanding. I normally see this area by day or by evening. This time it was morning, with the mist and the hills glowing in the lightd form the east. Spectatcular!

The only downer was that just after I got onto the dual carriageway it became obvious therewas a police incident on the other side and as we passed we saw at least two lorries; one at an awkward angle up the embankemnt, and one with it's side smashed in and it's load exposed, and also a van with the cab smashed right in. Clearly a very serious incident: I would expect that someone died in the van. That side had been fully closed to traffic which was all being diverted off at the previous junction, with a tailback going for miles. But there was extensive professional traffic management in place so it must have happened many hours earlier.

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