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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Wednesday, September 3

Kids and schools in the new town

We have sorted our older boy in the town's main high school. he had an interview on Monday, and arranged his GCSE options yesterday. Today I dropped him off in his smart new uniform, and he will be met by a staff member who will allocate im his timetable and 'buddies' to show him the ropes. The school itself is architecturally magnificent. It is 10 years old, but still looks brand spanking new. I think that once he gets over his anger at being separated form friends in the old town he will be happy there. i hope.

The daughter is more of a problem.

It's not our fault: we have been trying to contact the available schols for weeks buyt they were all on holiday of course. There is an array to choose from, but many are full, except for the one that is under 'special measures'. Our favourites are a church school which is probablythe best in the town, and a non-religious school which is good if rather bleak and is located conveniently next door to the house we are buying. That practicality is a very important consideration for my non-driving diabled wife. The next choice is another church school whihc would require a transport solution, or an even more dustant Catholic school.

But none of them has returned out calls or emails - not even to say "Sorry, but no". So we have not been able to buy the uniform for her. So today she is doing 'home school' with my wife, who is a teacher anyway.

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