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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, July 12

Openly sexist moan about covert sexism

Scenario 1

Dominant woman says to husband “I want a big family”. Husband doesn’t really want kids, is not interested in childcare, but dutifully impregnates her multiple times, because he loves her and wants her to be fulfilled. Wife then says to husband “They’re your children too, so you have to help pay for them and look after them”

That all seems very reasonable, doesn’t it?

Scenario 2

Dominant husband says to his wife “I want a motorbike”. Wife dutifully doesn’t really want a motorbike, isn’t interested in Zen (or the art of motorcycle maintenance) but she buys him one because she loves him and wants him to be fulfilled. Husband then says “It’s your motorbike too, so you have to help maintain it and clean it”.

That doesn’t seem reasonable.

Why?  It's not fair!

I don’t actually want a motorbike. I’m just making a point. I didn’t want a big family; I only have one because that’s what she asked for. The kids are her idea, her wish, her dream, her project.  So why am I expected to do the hard work in what is actually HER hobby?

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