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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, August 20

I don’t like the Bible

So said my 4 year old daughter coming out of her age-group class at New Wine. She also complained that the songs were boring, and said she preferred the ‘Stepping stones’ parent-supervised crèche.
So having generally enjoyed new Wine, we were concerned about the apparently negative impact it had had on her.
But they must have goy through to her in some way because since New Wine she has started asking much more about Jesus, about heaven, about how one gets there, etc. They are intelligent questions for one her age. It’s hard to find an age-appropriate answer – one that will lead her to a genuine faith of her own without indoctrinating her, one that will make her understand that other views exist but that not all the views are of equal value, one that gets her to the truth but without pushing her artificially into it.
She needs to have her own faith in Jesus, not a veneer of parental Jesus-religion.

(And I need to stop using shock horror post titles to get you to read my blog, or you will soon start to ignore me!)

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