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Monday, December 24

Was it all my fault?

I worry that it was.

This year's 'Nativity' was always going to be difficult - full of reminders about why we left the church two years ago.

Mrs was going to stay away, with the truthful but convenient excuse of too much pressure to get her MA essays written.  In the end she did the right thing, which was to face up to it and go.  Gritting her teeth.

But when we got there we found that all the other children had arrived in costume, but not ours. 

Of course, in context, she interprets it that we are still being overlooked or deliberately ignored, and at best sees it as a symptom of the church's decision to sack her and put MEN(!) in charge of the creche and little explorers groups.

Our daughter was upset and crying because she had no costume.

Mrs couldn't handle it any more and took our daughter and walked out, and of course I had to follow. 

Post mortem in MacDonalds.

The real question that crossed her mind and troubles mine greatly is this: did they actually tell me about the costume last week, and I forgot? 

Last week the said daughter was chucked out of Little Explorers for continually substituting the word 'poo' for 'Jesus' after many warnings over many weeks.  (Delightful child that she is - but at the age of 4 this would seem hilarious.)  So I didn't go to collect her at the end of church, and so would have missed any general announcements given to parents.  But I have just a slight memory - possibly one of those false memories created by thinking too much - that when I talked to the MAN in charge about her behaviour he did mention the costume.  But I was too stressed by the other thing.

So do I confess my worries to my wife, and get blasted by her both for being an idiot myself and for defending her enemeies from her, or do I consult the Little Explorers leader to see what he said and potentially set off a whole range of issues there that are best left to rest?

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