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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, December 24

I was moved by this

Love and loss

Wow!  Maybe if your follow the link and read it, it won't strike you as anything particularly unusual - just some nicely expressed sentiment.  But this kind of thing moves me deeply.  It's a bit embarrassing when you are sitting at your desk - supposedly writing a report on the hydraulic design of  a sewage works - with tears streaming down your face having read the post in the link.

There is something good, something that expresses the heart of God, something that is almost incarnationally divine, in the pain of love but not just the love but that love being love of something that is in istelf almost incarnationally divine and that love is accentuated by loss of that thing, and that makes each of those things I have already listed stronger, purer, more intense and even more holy and divine ... I can't really put what I am trying to say into words ..... Michelle wrote those words but it was God in her head and in her heart and in her hand that wrote them, just as surely as in he in her father when he would cradle her as a little child, or when he would stop his truck to pick up someone in need - God participating in his creation through both father and daughter.  Yes!!

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