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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Wednesday, January 16

Bad day at the office

My colleague kept asking questions (technical ones about the job), but would interrrupt my answers repeating the question, rejecting each of my attempts to speak, but then insisting that I answer.  Tensions rose.  Eventually I lost it.  Threw the papers in the air and stormed off.

Only 30 or more other poeple saw this.

Not exactly a good Christian example. But at least I didn't thump him.

I was going to go home "Sick with stress", but left keys and coat at my desk.  Had to phone somene to bring them down, which of course meant the boss brought thm down, which of course meant a one-to-one which I really wasn't in the mood for.

But, credit to him, he calmed me down enough to go back to work, thereby saving me half a day's lost pay.

The other guy came and shook my hand, but didn't axactly apologise.  Neither did I.  No incident stands in isolation, and this guy has been winding me up for a long time.  He means well, and wears his heart on his sleeve, and is actually a very good engineer, but his mediterranean temperament gets in the way and I know a lot of other people find him hard to work with.

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