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Tuesday, January 22

Meningitis responds to prayer

Fri 17:15

Urgent message: Jenny (Not her real name – 2 year old daughter of friends) had spots on her legs. Taken to hospital. Didn’t think too much of it – our daughter had such spots once and it was nothing.

Sat 01:30

(Don’t ask why I was not in bed) Found message from earlier – its meningitis – not responding to treatment. Prayed with my wife.

Sat 09:30

No news. The Mum has closed down her Facebook account. Assume the worst – that the child has passed away and the distraught Mum not able to face the world. But since Facebook was the way we communicated with her, couldn’t help or find out what the situation was.

Sat 11:30

enquired at the hospital, but they wouldn’t tell us anything.

Sat 13:30

dropped a card off at the hospital, with a ‘God is with you’ leaflet. Rounding up as much prayer support as possible via Facebook.

Sat (evening) – still no news. Continuing to pray and try to make contact.

Sun 11:30 during church service. Mum’s Facebook account goes live again. Jenny is alive and fighting it. My wife in tears of relief. Communicated the situation to the Vicar. At the end of the service, he called all the toddler group to the stage and prayed for Jenny.

Sun 14:30 Facebook photo of Jenny sitting up.

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Jenny is still in Hospital, but the situation now seems much more stable and her Mum was last reported to be ‘Happy’.

The thing with prayer is that if nothing happens, we say “what’s the point of prayer?” but if something does happen we assume it would have happened anyway. So God can’t win! In this case I think the prayer did make a difference. But even if it was going to happen anyway, now we have become partners in it happening. 

And of course there is no formula; just because it seemed to work this time doesn't mean it will next time.

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