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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, May 2

It links back to dirty pictures

Blogger, this site's host, provides me with a very basic 'stats' facility that says where visitors to this site have come from.

It doesn't explain why on random days I get surges of visitors who have been referred to this blog from sites which - when I follow the back links - turn out to be full of naked men and women doing rude things to each other, which I find disturbing.  OK, some of my posts do refer to sex usually in a theological context, but those are not the pages that the people have visited.  The pages on my blog that they do go to seem to be quite mundane, boring and random, but there will be four times my usual daily total going to the same one on one day.  In some weeks I have had more referrals from one of these sites than from Google.

So why?

Is my web site being abused by some malign net-criminal for his/her activities?

Or is God diverting people - in the course of their sins - to a place where they can read about his love and how he will help them to a better life if they will only let him? 

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