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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, September 3

Scottish Holiday

Recently had a great holiday in Scotland.  Based at Tummel Bridge near Pitlochry, we travelled around the local area for the first few days and then did a big round trip via Inverness, along Loch Ness and the Great Glen, then back via Glencoe and Rannoch Moor.

I have always been cynical about Scotland - cold, windy, full of wasps, overrated scenery, and long driving distances.  But this time the wasps held off, the sun shone, and having gone deeper into Scotland than previous trips the scenery made the driving worth while.

Having said that, Loch Ness was boring. OK, I got to take photos of Urquhart castle from a boat.  But its a very small castle really.  The area is much more commercialised than the Pitlochry area.  And the lake is monotonous - once you've seen one bit you've seen it all.  There is much more to see at Windermere in the English Lake District.

Loch Tummel is good.  Loch Tay was good - hired a motor boat and let my five year old drive it for a bit!

Rannoch Moor I loved - a really alien environment.

Glencoe was spectacular - especially as it was a day of glowering clouds that made it really moody.

The canal locks at Fort Augustus were very nice, and made up for the boring Ness.

And we kept hitting on really good food.

So it was a great holiday.

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