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Thursday, November 7

Sunday update

I meant to say how I got on running our invitational service on sunday.

Basically, it went well, but it overran the time allocated and in the end the vicar cut it short.

I am not wholly to blame for the overrun.  The vicar added a ten minute item, which he was target forced into for political reasons.  But out was them unreasonable to expect me to lose term minutes from my time late in the day. 

It didn't help that I over ran on my own talk, but only by a minute.  The various drama sketches all ran to time, but we were not slick at the changeovers and I should have recruited some stage hands.  I ended up running around in a rather undignified way.

The main other issue was that this was my wifes debut on the pulpit, as I had asked her to do it with me as a husband and wife team.  So most of the drama was her contribution, but she also dogs a short talk.  I say short - she was allocated ten minutes but did 15!  So the over run was largely her fault!  But the content of her talk was excellent and put mine in the shade.  She has had a lot of positive feedback, while I got none.

So well done, mrs!

It was also important for her to do well in front of the vicar.  Which I think she did apart from the time, and she showed no nerves at ask which has been an issue.  So it is very dissenting that he has given no feedback at all, when a simple 's well done!'s would have made ask the difference.

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