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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, November 5

Why is pornography wrong?

Well, all the usual reasons, of course.

But on top of that ....

Some things ate just meant to be for the pleasure of God alone.  And I don't mean to portray him as a celestial lecher ... I portray him as a creator who has made some things for himself.

He has buried jewels and precious stones drop in the earth beyond any human mine, just for his own joy.  And if he has done that here, what about the jewels on all those distant planets we are beginning to hear about?  He has hidden away treasures purely for his own joy.

So not every beautiful thing is to be brought into the light.  Not every beautiful thing is made to be consumed by our greedy eyes.  Much of it is to remain concealed, just for the creator to rejoice in what he has made.

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