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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, November 26

The universal force of motherhood

In a futile attempt to become more disciplined in my prayer life I have set a calendar event on my phone to remind me to pray each lunch break.  tuesdays topic is the world.

So I dutifully toddled off to pray.  I thought I would pray by the toaster while waiting for my lunch to pop up.  Mistake - the kitchen is crowded at lunch, with a mother loudly discussing her children's bed time.

As I came back to my desk, dissapointed at my lack of prayer, the Spirit zapped me so hard that it knocked me off walking in a straight line.  I was suddenly overwhelmed by the knowledge of a world full of mothers caring for their children.  God is constantly aware of them.  As creator he drinks in the pure joy of it.  It's almost as though he feeds on his creation, in the sense that he derives so much pleasure from it.  And the combined force of all those mothers loving their children is a truly powerful and awesome thing.  We tend to think of the world as full of violence, war and greed, but all of that is nothing when set beside the universal force of ongoing unstoppable unconditional love from mums to kids. 

The Spirit only gave me a tiny window into this cosmic force, and I nearly fell over in the office corridor, so imagine if I had been shown more of it!

And the glory of the creation points us to the glory of the creator.

       WORSHIP !!!

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