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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Wednesday, November 20

A storm in the West

After the typhoon in the philippines I had a moan at God, in the way his impudent creations do.  Why do you always hit the poorest people in the world?  The ones least able to cope?

So maybe it is my fault that there were then some tornados in america.

And then this morning we had a bit of bad weather over my house.  And I got a leak in a place that has never had a problem in the ten years I have lived here.  A proper leak - running, not just dripping.  I think the wind was forcing the rain into cracks in the brickwork that it would normally run over, and then it seemed to be coming down inside the cavity and out in the archway over the dining room bay window.  So it's a very minor thing, compared to those who have no house anymore.  But it is still a pain.

My daughter was out on her paper round during the storm, and she said that all the car alarms were going off, the puddles extended across the road and contained hail-icebergs drifting towards the drains.

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