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Tuesday, November 19

Training options

Starting to ask what would be the best training options if mrs and I are both accepted for ordination.logic might say train together for convenience and for a shared experience.  But that makes babysitting harder.  Also we have different needs.  She had a lot of pastoral experience and theological training but little experience with preaching.  I am mainly a preacher with some theology but little pastoral experience.

The residential courses are probably ruled out posting to conflicts with kids education.

There is a local full time course which is 3 days a week working in church and 2 days of study.  But she would struggle working in our church where she doesn't feel at ease with the vicar and where we alway have a trainee that wet would end up being in competition with.

There is also a local part time course which suits her best with it's modular structure.  But it's a bit below her. (BA when she is already on an MA).

Personally I would prefer the full time local course, but this may not be feasible.

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