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Tuesday, March 18

First boiler estimate

Well, I've had three people coming to do estimates for my boiler.  Of course they all contradict each other about what the regulations require for my house.  But they all agree that it is not a straightforward job.  I have 25 radiators over four floors (because I have a big house because I have seven kids and my aunt left me an inheritance at just the right time in 2003 which enabled me to buy it because God is generous .... I'm not a rich guy).  Since regulations have changed, it now needs to be 'zoned', which means lots of changes to the pipework.  And the size of the boiler is right on the boundaries of what a domestic machine can do.

So the estimate I have would move the boiler to the attic.

I think that it is technically the most well thought out plan.

The estimate is ......


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