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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Monday, March 31

Sacked for mothers day performance

I arranged to take my wife out for lunch on Mothers day.

Since she is currently attending a church in the nearby city nominally as research for her MA, we had to make pure way there individually.

I least my church a bit early and after doing a couple of essential tasks sent her a "where shall we meet?" text and set off.

She replied that she was already at the table.  I still had an hour drive top get there.  So she ended up having her Mothers day meal on her own!

So I am sacked.

Her story is that I knew she would be there sooner and should have left my church earlier; In fact I should have gone to her church.  Also she had expected a queue and gone early, but had then been taken straight in.

My story is that she wanted me to go to our normal church so that I could report back to her everything that happened, and that she knew what time that church finished and how long the journey was and she  should not have gone there without me.

But who ever wins this kind of debate with his wife?

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