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Wednesday, March 19

Uprooting and transplanting

Coincidentally (?), the day mrs got her reference back (see previous post) an agent rang me up asking for my interest in a job at the far end of the country - 260 miles away.

So is this 'coincidence' actually divine guidance?

It would be great to get away from poor troubles in the church and have a completely fresh start.  But is running away from problems Christian?

Other factors to bear in mind:
1) it's a lower salary than I am on now and the move would incur major costs
2) kids in schools
3) my normal inertia kicks in - I don't want to go
4) etc.

But my wife's sanity is worth more than all of those.  Her view is that there is nothing for her here, so there is no harm trying the doit door: God will close it if it is wrong.  True, but trying doors costs money, time and stress.

Also, if we go, we can finally kiss poor ordination plans goodbye.  And what does that say about our call? 

Jonah ran away from his call and that didn't work out so good.  Our running away would be as refugees rather than as rebels.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a telephone interview (10:30 uk time).  I have to try my best to win a job with a company that I know wants me, even when I don't want the job and don't think we should be running away, but I have to do something to rescue my wife's ruined life.

Please pray for that interview to reveal Gods will.

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