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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Saturday, March 1

Van damned

I booked a rental van to fetch my late mothers furniture from her flat, which has been sold.

All went well at the hire company and they were just about to give me the keys when their computer blocked the deal because my license has an AC20 in the least 5 years on it.  (Failure to give details after an injury accident .... you may remember that the cyclist got up, told me he was fine, declined my details, and went away - he later ended up in hospital with damaged ligaments and I got prosecuted as described).  They said no company would rent me a van with an AC20.
Unless I could arrange my own insurance.

My car insurance covers me to drive other vehicles, but only in emergencies.  They told me to try, but they don't cover hire vehicles and told me to google 'short term insurance'.  They don't cover hire either.  So I had to give up on hiring the van this weekend.

But I phoned another rental company. 
"Can I hire a van if I have an AC20?"
"Yes sir that's no problem" 
"Are you sure?  I have an AC20."
"I'll check with the branch .... yeah that's no problem.  I'll book it for you now"

Unfortunately they don't have one available today, but I've got it for another weekend.

Today we shall have to cram as much into our own Zafira as we can. 
And write a strongly worded letter to the first company.

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