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Thursday, May 29

Dizzy and anxious

Had to attend a training course at work for a new bit of software on Wednesday.  I went along to the venue expecting someone to talk us through it all.  But after a few introductions, we were set onto doing it via an e-learning package.

Now, I have no problem with e-learning.  But when you are put in a room full of people who are all doing the same course, and who are all clearly romping ahead of you, you start to feel left behind.  You start to try to keep up.  You feel you don't have time to read the screen that the instructions relate to, so you click through the instructions but are really just going through the motions, not learning anything at all.  A feeling of panic rises inside you.  The others are all finishing and leaving, but you still have two modules to complete....   Eventually, you push your chair back and say "It's giving me a migraine".

The tutor was very helpful, and talked me through the key part.

But why did they not just do that in the first place?  If they want us to do e-learning, why not do it at our normal desks so we can go through it at our own pace?

I'm an intelligent chap and computer literate.  I just didn't have time to read each screen.  I think the others were more familiar with the topic tat the software is for than I am, so I was having to learn more than them.  But I did feel really lost, dazed and confused.

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