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Tuesday, May 20

God's last laugh?

Mrs was in the Cathedral cafe yesterday when she had her purse stolen.

Surely they pay the Bishop enough to not have to resort to such things?

She suspects the cafe waitress that was lurking, because she was in an out-of-the-way corner of the cafe where most passers-by would not have seen she was there.

The reason that she was there was that she had just dropped off another package of evidence for her complaint against the vicar. This meant that she had in her purse the memory card with photos of some of that evidence. So there is now a small risk that the thief will realise that there is a scandal brewing in the Church of England and sell it to the papers. This would be embarrassing. It would also spoil Mrs' thunder, as 'going to the papers' is one option open to her if the case is not handled appropriately (I have not encouraged his option). But Maybe the Lord knows it is not going to go well, and has therefore done this so that the story gets out without it being our fault? (Yes, i know I am publishing it on line but that has a small degree of anonymity as it could be in any diocese, and then there's also only about ten of you who actually read this blog so it's hardly mass media, is it?)

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