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Thursday, August 28

Troublesome teen

I'm doing my best for my 17 year old daughter. She is currenlty on a 'work experience' placement at the laboratory at my client's site, so I am giving her lifts, sharing lunch breaks, and arranging meetings with other professionals in the complex to give her careers advice.

we have also arranged accomodation with some friends, because she does not want to come with us to the new town half way thropugh her a levels.

So we are really trying to make her feel loved and cared for.

It's not working.

Fundamentally she thinks we are wrong to be moving and that we are wrong to be taking our Vicar to the clergy discipline tribunal. She thinks her Mum shares a significant part of the blame, and that we should just do the Christian thing and get on with the man. She thinks she knows things that we don't. She thinks her mum is crazy and brings the persecution on herself. That is to say, she is really siding with the Vicar.

So my wife feels terribly betrayed and hated. And my daughter feels unloved, hated even. They both hate me because I try to make each see the others viewpoint.

Please pray for family healing.

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