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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Friday, September 12

Calm is trying to settle on us, but failing

we are beginning to feel settled in our new town.

But the peace keeps getting disrupted, firstly by the hurt and stress of the failure of Mrs legal case, and now by trouble with the flat we are purchasing for our son. he is back form his honeymoon, and it is still not available. the solicitor keeps finding new things to chase up and the date of completion is slippingbfurther into the distance.

So we have decided to abandon that purchase, and go instead for a rented flat.

So he is now rushing around with his new wife trying to find a flat they like, and we also need to sort references and everything like that.

So i keep getting texts and emails, which does not help me to do my day job!

Also, stranegly enough, this is tied in to decisions about my car. It is due for its MOT test on wednesday, and will need quite a lot of money spending on it to pass. Is it worth it? If we decide not to proceed with the flat purchase, Mrs wants us to use some of the money for a new car. in whihc case it is not worth doing the MOT test at all. But then I need the new car by wednesday - or at worst Friday - otherwise I cant get to work.

It's not really long enough to think about a new car, but the most likley option at present is a second hand Kia.

So we are having to make lots of decisions in a pnic and quickly.

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