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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Tuesday, September 9

The keys of a miracle

I arrived at the office park-and-ride just in time for the bus. So I grabbed my butties from the boot of the car and ran for it.

At the office I found I did not have my door entry fob, stuck on my key ring, which I realised I had left in the boot of the car when scrambling to get the butties from the back. So at lunch time I had to go back on the bus to get the keys.

I could see the keys in the boot, but the doors were locked.

I could call a breakdown van, but it's not covered by the policy and would cost me £80.

I could break a window to get the keys and then call autoglass to fix the window under the policy. But a Christian friend pointed out that the policy would be for accidental damage, not deliberatly smashing it to get your keys back. (Damned Christian ethics!)

So I decided I would have to leave the car there for the night and use the train to go home tonight and back tomorrow, returning with teh spare key which I could remember removing from my pocket thinking "I shouldn't carry this around or I will end up losing both keys at once". I have been meaning to try the train anyway. The ticket costs the same as my petrol; it's just the extra hassle of getting to the station and waiting for trains, probably adding an hour to the journey each way.

I went back to the bus stop for the shuttle back to the office for the afternoon's work. As I got onto the bus I noticed one of the previous passengers handing someone's lost keys to the bus driver.


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