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Tuesday, September 9

Case response

We had a card from ne of the wardens of the old church.

It was well-meaning, comiserating with our dissapointment at not getting ordained.

But of course, this is really not the issue at all! It seems that someone, and it can only be the Vicar we complained about, has been putting out the story that the reason we left was that alleged dissapointment. This is of course another lie to cover up for what he has done and to blame oters for the outcomes of his mess.

So, having decided to leave it to God, we now feel that through this card he is prompting us to write to the warden and to the PCC clarifying the reasons for our departure. There are good peolpe there who deserve to know that we did not lightly abandon the church suddenly. Of course we will have to admit that the authorities did not find in our favour. But as mentioned previously, this is part of the injustice that means that in our new town we are very unlikely to join an Anglican church.

We have done our first draft, and have at least three new points that we need to add. It is very ahrd to write it in a way that factually and accurately explains why we left without falling into childish name-calling and spiteful vengeance.

Please pray that we get it right.

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