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The Embalse de Riano in northern Spain. The picture was taken by .... me!

Thursday, September 4

There is a big hole - engineers are looking into it.

I've just been on a visit this morning to a pumping station at the end of an interceptor sewer.

It is the biggest hole with pumps in that I have ever looked into: 40m deep. It has a lift to get to the bottom, with stops at the landings on the way. Impressive!

(Now it would be even better if the pumps didn't keep getting blocked and even better still if the engineers knew how to solve the problem. the problem has been there for 14 years, and i have three weeks to give my solution! Well, my solution starts with a £ sign and has seven zeros after the first number. Oh, and the screens at the top don't work either, and I have to solve that as well)

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    Not done a blog post for ages.
    Much has changed.
    Much to moan about.
    Much good stuff too.
    No time to do it now, but maybe one day ....